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Four Sisters Regatta

  Welcome to the
23rd Annual Four Sisters Open
at the Port Credit Yacht Club

July 20 & 21 2024

C420 Canadian Championship
Ontario Sailing Grand Prix Development Series

Fogh Gold Cup Series


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Four Sisters Sailing Instructions

Alpha Course (Opti Green | 420 Whitesail)

Bravo Course (Opti Red | White | Blue)

Charlie Course (420 Spinnaker | Championship Fleet)

Delta Course (ILCA 4, 6 & 7)

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Event History

In 2000, the Port Credit Yacht Club had planned to host a dinghy event following the 'Steerers' Regatta.

It was called the Millenium Regatta. Pat Lymburner and John Weakley were instrumental in getting it off the ground and it was very well received both by the Club and by the dinghy sailing community.

It was realized, following this success, that the event had a lot of potential and that a real need existed for a July event of that size. The 'Steerers' Regatta was the sailing school championship event with a strong training component followed immediately by a large, well organized and traditional event.

The naming came about when Pat Lymburner (pictured here) lost his mother and his aunt very close to one another. There was a discussion about what to call this event and Pat told the story of how, as he was growing up, his mother and three aunts were always there to make sure the children walked the right path. His siblings and he often called them the 'Four Sisters' a name that was, coincidentally, the nickname for the four smokestacks that adorned the Lakeview Generating Station next to the Club.

With the passing of the last two of the 'Four Sisters' and the rumours at the time of the demise of the Generating Station, Pat suggested that the regatta be called the 'Four Sisters'. A graphic was created that incorporated the stylized profiles of the original 'Four Sisters' and it became the logo for the event.

The 'Four Sisters' is a name that commemorates the passing of two things. For years the smokestacks  were guiding beacons that made finding the Port Credit Yacht Club simpler and by doing so gave comfort to
those seeking her harbour. Likewise, for years, mothers and aunts everywhere have been guiding and nurturing their families to safer harbours and comfortable waters. With the passing of both the smokestacks and Pat's Aunts, it is well to remember the simple lessons learned from them and to reflect on the comfort they have provide.

The symbolism is universal and all of us can relate to our mothers and aunts and the things we learned from them. We can also remember those times when we were glad to see the smokestacks there to give us comfort that there was a safe and warm harbour near it. With the passing of Pat's Aunt Dorothy, Hazel, Arlene and his mother Kathleen it was a poignant reminder of the importance of both sets of 'Four Sisters’.

Four Sisters Open 2023 - An International Event!

Sailors came from as far as Hong Kong, Mexico, West Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Beaconsfield, Nepean, Georgian Bay, Stony Lake, Sarnia, Grosse Pointe Shores, Buffalo Canoe Club, and South Port, just to name a few who ‘travelled the distance’ even before they got on the water at the 22nd Annual PCYC Four Sisters Open, sponsored by Port Credit Yacht Club proudly hosted 248 sailors, 53 coaches, and 175 boats from 29 clubs in what was the best turnout in recent years. Together with the Steerers’ Invitational the preceding two days, 31 sailing clubs participated in Steerers’ & Four Sisters, with 569 sailors!

This year, the Four Sisters Open also hosted the LYRA Junior Championship, raced in ILCA 6 (singlehanded men’s and women’s) and C420s (double-handed).  Like last year, PCYC also hosted the Club 420 Canadian Championship, which is becoming an annual tradition between the Club C420 Class Association and PCYC. On top of that, results from the Four Sisters Regatta will be tallied as part of both the Ontario Sailing Grand Prix Development Series, and the Fogh Gold Cup Racing Series. Ontario Sailing was present to support the event with flags for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of all fleets, and gave out OS stickers.

The event included four different race courses with four experienced Race Committees setting and managing races for Optimist Green sailors (many for whom this was their first regatta sailed) and separately for Optimist Championship White, Blue, and Red (age-determined, all under age 16) for a total of 87 Optis; 91 C420 White Sail and Spinnaker double-handed teams; and 43 ILCA 4.7 and ILCA 6 sailors. Four Sisters offered an ILCA 7 class as well, but so far ILCA 7 sailors haven’t decided they want to ‘show the juniors how it’s done’ (nudge nudge, wink wink). The 29ers were also invited, but the national fleet had a regatta in Kingston at CORK.

Wind and weather were excellent over the two-day event, with PRO David Sprague bringing the fleet in safely on Sunday with lightning on the horizon. All boats were off the water moments before a heavy summer downfall.

Congratulations and thanks to all competitors, coaches, volunteers, and especially the 11 Green Optis who had their first ‘international’ sailing regatta. You are all winners!

2023 LYRA Junior Champions (under 19 in the Calendar Year):

    Singlehanded Female (ILCA6): Jocelyn Zhu, Royal Canadian Yacht Club

    Singlehanded Male (ILCA6): Hunter Parks, Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club

    Doublehanded (C420): Augustin Sasarman & Paris Sasarman, Royal Canadian Yacht Club


2023 Club 420 Canadian Champions

    Augustin Sasarman & Paris Sasarman, Royal Canadian Yacht Club

2023 Club 420 Top Canadian Juniors (under 16 in the Calendar Year):

    Holden Powell & Ella Kruppa Saari, Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club


Fogh Top Overall Optimist Dinghy Sailor: Oliver Chin, Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Merilea McAllister Corinthian Spirit Award: Harris He, West Vancouver Yacht Club

Results can be found here:

On Water Photos for viewing and purchase can be found here:  password Pcycs4s23

On Land Photos for viewing and purchase can be found here:

Results can be found here:

On Water Photos for viewing and purchase can be found here:  password Pcycs4s23

On Land Photos for viewing and purchase can be found here:

Results can be found here:

On Water Photos for viewing and purchase can be found here:  password Pcycs4s23

On Land Photos for viewing and purchase can be found here: