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2024 Senior Initiation Fees 

Ask us about our Senior Initiation Fee Payment Plan 

25' & 30’ Slip $2,800            35’ Slip $3,500    40’ Slip $5,600

    45’ Slip $8,400    50’ Slip $11,900    55’ Slip $15,400

60' Slip $19,200     65' Slip $23,400

NOTE: Slips are allocated based on the overall boat length (LOA).

Slips can accommodate vessels 2.5 feet +/- the slip size

Should you choose to increase the size of your boat within the first three years, you are required to pay the difference in the posted initiation fee at that time

Click here for 2024 Membership Fees/Summer Dockage / Winter Storage Rates

For more information or to view our facilities please contact us at: 

TEL: 905-278-7911 ext 224 FAX: 905-278-2519 or info@pcyc.net

*You must be a Senior Member to have a slip. Rates posted do not include HST. All rates are subject to change.