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Whether you are 5 or 70 PCYC has a program that will get you on the water and sailing this summer. Our Learn to Sail (LTS) programs are divided into Youth Training(5-18) and Adult Training (18+). Please read on to learn more about sailing and PCYC.


There is no other sport in the world like sailing; it is truly the ultimate lifetime sport. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed from the time you are 5 to when you no longer have the strength to hold a tiller.

Sailing rigorously tests not only the mind but the body as well. Throughout your life you can customize the sport to meet any need, from a relaxing day on the water to blasting along on a full plane in 20 knots of wind, from going solo to being part of a well-tuned team. Your options are endless. Consider that every time you leave the harbour you have an opportunity to learn something new, the pull of the wind or the size of the seas are never, ever exactly the same.

So if you love a challenge, love the wind in your face and want an opportunity to gain the true confidence that is only achieved through effort – then sailing is your sport.


Now is a great time to join us as PCYC LTS has been awarded an Ontario Sailing Development Centre designation in recognition of our incredible 57 year history and excellent infrastructure.

Over the last several years, PCYC has devoted an unprecedented amount of resources into renewing our fleet and facilities so you can be confident you are investing your time in a premier sailing environment.

We are aware that the finest boats in the world are nothing without great teachers, which is why PCYC is committed to bringing together the best group of instructors each year to ensure you spend your summer becoming the best sailor you can be!

Finally, because we love having fun almost as much as we love sharing our passion for sailing in all its manifestations, from a highly competitive sport, to a pleasant way to pass a beautiful summer afternoon.