Steerers Regatta
Four Sisters Regatta
Camping Application Form 2024

Camping Application Form 2024

Camping is Available During Steerers & Four Sisters 2024! 

Limited camping (approximately 50 spaces) is available at PCYC in designated areas only on a first come first serve basis.   

Anyone wishing to camp must apply by July 15, 2024. A copy of your camping application will automatically be sent to the Regatta Committee and the Harbourmaster.  Every year the demand for camping space exceeds supply, so please, if your plans change and you no longer require a camping space, please email the Regatta Committee at or to free up a space.  There is no charge for camping for the Steerers and Four Sisters events. 

All groups camping must have an adult chaperone on site at all times and provide onsite contact information on the Camping Application form.  The Regatta Committee and the Harbourmaster reserve the right to deny camping privileges.  

Camping Rules

  • Drugs and alcohol and/or alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • No pets are permitted
  • Four (4) person maximum occupancy per tent (no exceptions)
  • No campers/trailers of any kind
  • Open fires are strictly prohibited
  • The use of small propane BBQ's are not permitted
  • Temporary parking will be permitted for setup/breakdown of tents only. Vehicles will be required to park in the designated City parking location

A site is defined as a 4 (four) person maximum occupancy. Sites are not marked but are approximately 10x20 feet in size.  We rely on campers to cooperate to accommodate each other.

Camping Check-In

Please visit our Dock Office located on-site upon your arrival and bring a copy of your camping application confirmation to check in.  Campers will be permitted to check in no earlier than 12:00 Wednesday July 17, 2024.

Note the Dock Office will be closed by 20:00 every evening. Campers arriving after this time will not be permitted to camp without completion of the Check-In process.

The Dock Office will give you a camping sticker. It must be displayed prominently on your tent.   

Camping Check-Out

All Steerers and Four Sisters campers must vacate their campsites no later than 2 hours after the final race on Sunday July 21st. Camping will not be permitted overnight Sunday July 21st, 2024.