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Harbour Facilities

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PCYC's 386 docks are fully floating docks that rise and fall with changes in water level.

Electricity and Water

Potable water and 30 or 50 amp electricity are available on the service pedestal by each slip. Each slip occupant is entitled to the use of one receptacle. If a second is required and available, it may be used provided this does not deprive another member of access to electricity. Please keep your hose neatly coiled so as not to interfere with passage along the dock.

Safe Mooring

For safety reasons, boats must be tied so as to not protrude over any portion of the dock. A total of three bow and stern lines (one on the dock and one at either end of the finger) are required as well as fore and aft spring lines. Hoses, electrical cords and other equipment must be stowed so as to not interfere with safe passage along the dock.

Refuelling Your Boat

Refuelling of your boat while moored is not allowed, and fuel trucks also are prohibited from refuelling boats. Lakefront Promenade Marina which shares our harbour has a complete fuel dock with diesel and gasoline service.

Pump Out

Our pump out station is located beside the Harbourmaster's office. The station is self-operated by members and guests. A guest usage fee of $20 applies.

Dock Attachments

No unapproved dock attachments (steps, bumpers, boxes, carpeting, etc) are allowed. Check with the Harbourmaster before planning any such project. Carpeting on the dock holds water and causes rotting of the dock planks. For this reason carpeting used to wipe shoes should be left on the boat when not in use.

Dock Cleats

To work properly, the TECHNOMARINE dock cleats must be attached in a precise manner and the bolts must be tightened to a precise torque. If you need a cleat moved you must make arrangements at the Dock Office. Three cleats are provided for each slip up to 35 feet, and four for each slip of 40 feet and over. Additional cleats, if required, may be arranged for an additional charge.

Dock Carts

A limited number of two-wheeled dock carts are provided to help members and guests transport stores and equipment to and from their boats. You are welcome to use these carts, but please return them to the storage area promptly when you are finished. Dock carts are not to be used by contractors working on members' boats.

Winter Storage

Winter storage for your yacht is available to all members (whether moored or not). Storage charges include haulout and launch, a bottom spray, cradle storage (provided the cradle is collapsible) and mast stepping and un-stepping, if required. Haulout and launch are within specified time periods published by the beginning of April and September. Should you decide to be hauled or launched outside the specified period, you may incur an additional charge. An effort will be made to accommodate specific requests which are to be submitted to the Harbourmaster.

Dinghy Storage

A dinghy (yacht tender) may be stored in your slip, provided it is properly secured and poses no danger to the docks or your slip partner. However, if the dinghy extends beyond the end of the boat, or requires that the yacht be tied farther from the dock than would be normal, then the mooring fee will be adjusted accordingly. If you wish to store your dinghy on land, there are racks provided in the dry-sail area. These are available at a modest charge.

Dockyard Power

During the winter storage period, power is available from 0800h to 1600h, with the provision that the owner, or his representative, must be on board at all times that the boat is plugged in. In the interest of fire prevention and safety, any boats found plugged in after 1600h in the dockyard will be un-plugged.

Mast Stepping & Un-stepping

The Club has a large mast crane located at the north end of the property. The crane is to be operated by Harbour staff only. Masts are stepped and un-stepped by appointment. (7 days a week during peak periods). Charges for mast stepping and unstepping are included with winter storage. For boats not wintering on land at the Club, there is a charge per foot. Members can make an appointment through the Communications Centre. Your boat should be at the crane area by the scheduled time. You are responsible for doing and/or undoing the boat's rigging. Harbour staff will give instructions and operate the crane. When un-stepping, please make sure the sails and boom are removed before coming to the crane. When stepping, the boat should be prepared in advance. For further instruction, please contact the Harbourmaster.

Mast Storage

Mast racks are provided at the south side of the dock yard. These racks are of various sizes, please use one of a length appropriate for your mast. Booms should be stored in the boat and not on the mast rack. Once a mast is un-stepped it will be placed on a mast dolly. You then wheel the dolly away from the crane area, place the mast on the saw-horses provided, return the dolly to the crane, and then, as soon as possible, strip the mast and place it on the appropriate rack. For extremely large masts, the Club has a mast lifter to assist in placing the mast in the racks. If this is required, please contact the Harbour staff when ready. Many members like to store their mast in a plastic sleeve. These can be purchased from the Harbour staff.

Cradle Storage

Summer cradle and trailer storage is available, provided the cradles are collapsed. The cradle must have 6" steel cradle feet / blocks welded to the cradle frame before the cradle arrives at PCYC. Please click here for our fee schedule.