Rowan's Law

PCYC Code of Conduct

Rowan's Law (Concussion Awareness)

Rowan’s Law is in effect in Ontario. To review current information and requirement, check the Ontario Sailing website:
Competitors and Support Persons under the age of 26, need to:
• confirm they have read the Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource.
• confirm they have reviewed, and committed to, the Ontario Sailing Athlete Concussion Code of Conduct.

PCYC Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful place for members, visitors, staff and the Board to gather in the spirit of cooperation, relaxation, good will, fun and friendly competition. The Code of Conduct differs from club regulations in that it addressed acceptable/unacceptable behavior.
PCYC expects staff, members, their guests, visitors and others while on the property including the water lot to behave in a manner that does not contravene any laws, Club Bylaws or policy. Everyone is expected to behave in an appropriate manner treating others and property with respect and dignity. Those who fail to comply with PCYC’s ‘Code of Conduct’ may face expulsion from the Club property, legal action and sanctioned by the Board.
Anyone using PCYC facilities shall conduct themselves on-premise (including Club property on land as well as the water lot), in a manner that is not injurious to the reputation, interest, congeniality or good order of the Port Credit Yacht Club. 
Anyone using PCYC facilities must at all times be respectful towards the Club’s members, volunteers, directors and employees. 
A member is responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. 
Anyone using PCYC facilities must comply with the Club’s House Policy on Responsible Alcohol Service. 
Conduct that is injurious or detrimental to the Club may include, but shall not be limited to the following: 
Financial delinquency in the payment for services within the Club; 
Cheating during a competition; 
Use of foul language on the premises; 
Aggressive, abusive and/or unnecessarily loud communication with staff or other members; 
Acts of violence or attempted acts of violence towards fellow members or the Club’s volunteers or employees which causes or could cause physical harm; 
Harassment of any kind including but not limited to, criminal harassment, bullying or sexual harassment of fellow members, Club volunteers or employees; 
Lewd or inappropriate behavior, including activity deemed ‘illegal’; 
Activities in contravention of the Liquor License Act; 
Inappropriate use of Club property including but not limited to reckless operation of club boats; 
Parking in non-designated (or reserved and/or handicapped spots without proper validation) spots in the Club parking lot; and 
Putting waste materials of any kind into harbour waters. 
Any violation of the Code of Conduct shall be brought to the attention of any Flag Officer or club staff, who will then bring the matter to the attention of the General Manager at the earliest available opportunity.