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Sailpast is the official beginning of the boating season at the Club, and all PCYC Members, their families and friends are encouraged to participate.

Join the Commodore and Officers of the Club for the blessing of the fleet, the actual Sailpast, and a reception followed by a dinner.

“Sailpast” is based on the nautical tradition that when you meet your superior at sea, you are required to render the normal “naval salute” by dipping the Canadian Ensign and waiting for the response. In and around yacht clubs, this can become a nuisance with so many boats on the lake in and around a popular club such as PCYC. It was decided a long time ago that it would be better to condense this tradition into one ceremonial salute at the beginning of the boating season instead of saluting at every meeting. The annual Sailpast was thus created.

A final part of the tradition is that if you miss Sailpast you must buy the Commodore a bottle of his favourite.