The following are definitions for the various membership categories available at PCYC.

Senior Member

A Senior Member is a Member nineteen (19) years of age and over who has unqualified membership privileges subject to the restrictions imposed by the regulations of the Club and shall be eligible to apply for space to maintain boats on the Club property.

Joint Senior Membership

A Senior Member may file a Joint Senior Membership Application with the Club Secretary pursuant to which the Senior Member’s spouse, in addition to the rights set out in article 5.14, may have one or more of the following additional privileges assigned to him or her:

a) to make charges to the Joint Senior Membership account
b) to vote at General Meetings of the Club, provided that only one vote may be cast by the Joint Member
c) to serve on the Board of Directors

The Joint Senior Membership application shall state which one of the two joint members is to be responsible for all charges on the joint membership account, and shall state which one of the two joint members shall be entitled to retain an individual Senior membership if the Joint Senior membership is dissolved.

PCYC is open year round for boating and non-baoting members alike.  Click the video above to see more about our year round activities.

Associate Member

An Associate Member is a Member twenty-four (24) years of age and over who shall be entitled to participate in all the membership privileges, with the exception of voting at any Club Meetings. An Associate Member shall not be eligible for a wet mooring, but may apply for a drysail mooring for a boat which weighs less than 4,000 pounds.

Corporate Member

A Corporate Member is a business or corporation and a person who is a full time employee or principal of such business or corporation who has been nominated by the business or corporation. The business or corporation shall be liable for all fees in respect of and all expenses incurred by its nominees.

Non-Resident Member

A Non-Resident Member is a member nineteen (19) years of age and over who resides and has his/her principal place of business and residence beyond eighty (80) kilometers by road from the Yacht Club property. A Non- Resident Member may not regularly skipper a boat at Port Credit Yacht Club.

Intermediate Member

An Intermediate Member is a member between the ages of nineteen (19) and twenty-five (25) years inclusive and shall be entitled to Club privileges with the exception of voting and may apply for a dry sail mooring.

Junior Member

A Junior Member is a Member between the ages of twelve (12) and eighteen (18) years inclusive who is entitled to Club privileges, with the exception of voting and subject to the regulations of the Club. Each application for this class of membership shall be endorsed by the applicant’s parent(s) or legal guardian who must also agree to accept financial responsibility. A Junior Member may be granted a dry sail mooring at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Crew Member

A Crew Member is a person twenty-four (24) years of age and over who has membership privileges from April 1 until October 31, subject to the restrictions imposed by the By-Laws and Regulations of this Club with the exception of voting at any Club meetings. A Crew Member shall not have an ownership interest in a boat maintained on Club property. To apply for and retain Crew Members status, a Crew Member must be sponsored annually by a Senior Member or an Associate Member with a boat at the Club and be a regular Crew Member of the sponsoring Senior Member or Associate Member. A Crew Member can not skipper in a Club race.