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ABC's of Port Credit Yacht Club

ABC's of Port Credit Yacht Club


The Port Credit Yacht Club is a Club for the exclusive use of its members and their guests.


It is the policy of the Club that the responsibility for the conduct of each member, his or her family and guests, in all matters including the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Club premises lies with the individual member and that responsibility is not and cannot be assumed by the Club. The Board of Directors has authorized the General Manager to instruct each of the Club’s employees who serve alcoholic beverages to refuse to serve any person who appears to have consumed alcohol to a point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to himself, herself or others. All alcoholic beverages must only be consumed in licensed areas of the Club.

BBQ Facilities

Facilities have been provided at two locations on the main dock. The propane barbecues and picnic tables are for use by members and visitors at any time on a first come basis. When using the facilities and the associated dock space, please consider your fellow Members in sharing the facility. Empty cylinders or damaged equipment should be brought to the attention of dock staff. Barbecuing using propane, butane or CNG is allowed on vessels, but is contingent upon not inconveniencing neighbouring vessels or other member’s comfort.

Bicycling, Skateboarding and Rollerblading

Bicycling, skateboarding or rollerblading are not permitted on the Club property except in the parking lot and driveway when leaving and returning to the Club.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are located in the passageway from the Chartroom to the north exit of the Clubhouse. No member may place any items on any of the bulletin boards with prior permission from the General Manager.


The dock carts are provided for the convenience of Members and guests. When you are finished using a cart, return it to the main dock area so that it is available for others.

Club Property

Club furniture, equipment or other Club property must not be moved or removed by any member from the Clubhouse without the authorization of the General Manger.

Crash Cart

A fire fighting crash cart is located adjacent to the Dock Masters office. In case of fire, notify the dock staff, who will contact the fire department, who are the only qualified individuals to use the crash cart.


Members are prohibited from storing inflammable materials in any Club building or locker.

Commercial Businesses

No commercial use may be made of any mooring space, on any yacht while moored or on part of the Club grounds or facilities.

Comments or Complaints

Members who wish to express any comments or complaints with respect to the operation of the Club should contact the General Manager. Formal comments or complaints should be submitted in writing to the Commodore. The conduct of Club employees shall not be subject to personal reprimand by a member or his or her guests and the member should contact the supervisor or General Manager.

Dining Room

Reservations are recommended in order to ensure that there is adequate staff on hand to provide the appropriate service. Members are requested to cancel reservations as soon as possible so as not to interfere with other member’s use of the facilities.

Dock Regulations

Members must not use the Visitor’s dock for an unreasonable period. No additions or modifications, such a dock boxes, steps, boarding devices, carpeting, cleats or any other equipment may be made to the main or finger dock and no member may make any adjustment to any cleat or make any change to the dock fastening system or alter the dock in any way, without the consent of the Vice Commodore Harbour.

All boats moored at the Club will have mufflers operational within the harbour.

All yachts in wet moorings will be secured by lines of a recognized sage mooring material, in good condition, and of sufficient tensile strength to accommodate the vessel.

There will be at least two bowlines or stern lines at the inboard end of the finger dock and a stern or bow line at the outboard end of the finger dock, depending on the mooring direction of the vessel. There will also be one forward and aft spring line.

No vessel shall be moored with the exterior structure in an unfinished state.


Under no circumstances will dinghies that are not in use be attached to yachts, docks or pylons in such a manner as to cause them to float free into any channel.

Dress Etiquette

Members are encouraged to dress according for the area of the Club or the occasion being attended. Generally, members are encouraged to favour a more relaxed and informal approach to dress within the Clubhouse. On some occasions, such as Sailpast, Wassail Bowl and other designated event, it is appropriate to wear Club Blazer with accessories.

Hats, caps etc. are not worn by gentlemen members or gentlemen guests within the Clubhouse. Dress must include shirts or tops, shorts or pants and shoes. Bathing suits are not acceptable.

Emergency Water Pump

A portable water pump is stored beside the pump out area.  During the winter months it is stored in the hallway outside the Handicap washrooms in the Clubhouse. After use the pump must be returned immediately to this location in case of any other leaking/sinking emergency.

Flag Etiquette

The Club burgee is typically flown from the Mast Head or Starboard Spreader on sail boats and the bow staff on power boats. Ensigns are typically flown from the staff on the stern. Neither burgees or ensigns should be flown overnight or when the skipper is not on board.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage, other that that supplied by the Club, shall not be brought into the Clubhouse, patio or swimming pool area. Special catering arrangements may be made with the General Manager.

Function Rooms

The Club can extend the use of some of the facilities such as the Lakeshore Room, the Dining Room or other facilities to members for the purposes of functions and meeting. Please contact the General Manager to make reservations.


Fueling of boats is not permitted on Club property or within the harbour. The gas dock is located toward the north end of the harbour at the Lakefront Promenade public marina. The facility is operated by an independent operator, is open
seven days a week during the summer and on limited hours at the end of the boating season.

Contact 905-271-7061 for hours of operation.


Gambling on the Club premises is strictly prohibited unless under licence for the purpose of fundraising for charitable and/or educational endeavour, as may be approved from time to time by the City of Mississauga.


A person who is not a member will be admitted onto Club property only as a guest with the personal sponsorship of a member or as a guest by invitation of the Board of Directors.

In an effort to avoid abuse of guest privileges, no guest may be introduced into, or use the Club on more than one occasion in any month. Members are responsible at all times for the conduct of their guests.


Gratuities may be paid to Club employees only as part of food or beverage service.

Hours of Operation

The daily hours of operation of the Clubhouse are determined by the General Manger in consultation with the Vice Commodore House and are posted on the Club notice board.


Packaged ice is located in the ice machine next to the Harbourmasters office, or by the Chartroom Bar-see either Dockstaff, or the Chartroom staff for ice purchases.


All yachts moored or stored on Club property facility shall be covered by a minimum $ 2,000,000 public liability and property damage insurance.

Launch & Haulout

Are to be scheduled through the Harbourmaster. Schedules are available at the Communication Centre and online.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are located behind the Harbourmasters office.

Membership Cards

All members are issued with a membership card. Additional cards can be requested for a spouse.

Oil Changes and Disposal

The Club provides a mobile electric pump with a small holding tank for spent oil. This pump is located just west of the Harbour Masters office. Contact dock staff to use this equipment. Used oil must be placed in the oil drums in the same area.

Outside Contractors

Members who wish to arrange for outside contractors to perform any service aboard their vessel on Club premises shall have the contractor complete an authorization form at the communication centre before work can begin. Failure to complete the form will result in the contractor being refused access to the premises. All subcontractors must carry appropriate insurance, must adhere to PCYC Environmental Policy and complete the contractor form available in the Communication Centre.


Dogs and other pets are strictly prohibited inside the Clubhouse and on the patio areas. The pets must be on a hand held leash at all times when on Club property. All pets are strictly prohibited in the Junior Sail, Children’s Playground and BBQ areas. The grassy knoll area between the parking lot and the boat yard has been designated the “Poop and Scoop” area and must relieve themselves only in this area.

Reciprocal Yacht Clubs

Members in good standing of reciprocal yacht Clubs shall be allowed the privileges of the Clubhouse upon registration.


The Club has a variety of official PCYC Club regalia for sale, including Club ties, badges as well as variety of sweaters, jackets, hats and shirts. Contact the Communications Centre for a list of items and prices.

Sailing Instruction

The Club provides both junior and adult learn to sail programs during the months of June, July and August. Contact the Communications Centre or visit the Learn to Sail section of the website for times and details of both programs.


The Clubhouse is a smoke free area.

Swimming Pool

All guests must be signed in by a Member


Telephones are located in the hallway adjacent to the dining room and in the lower level of the Clubhouse next to the Chartroom and can be used for local calls only. A pay phone with credit card capability is located at the north end of the building.

Washrooms and Showers and Handicapped Facilities

Washrooms and toilets are provide on the upper level of the Clubhouse next to the Dining Room, in the lower level of the Clubhouse adjacent to the Chartroom and in the Change Rooms adjacent to the swimming pool. Two handicapped washrooms are provided on the lower level of the Club with wheel chair access from the north end of the Club.

Two shower facilities are located at the northeast end of the Clubhouse and six shower facilities are included in the pool house located adjacent to the swimming pool.

Waste Disposal

Containers are located on the main docks for recyclable items. Waste disposal bins are located next to the Junior Sail area docks and across from the Harbour Masters office, as well as throughout the yard.

Vacant Slips

A list of all vacant slips will be posted on the main Clubhouse bulletin board on the first and third Friday’s of the month. When a vacant slip is first added to the list it shall not be assigned for a period of two weeks, during which time members desiring that slip may apply for it. At the end of the two week period, the slip shall be assigned to the member among the applicants who has the highest number of mooring priority points. If, at the end of the two week period there have been no applicants for the slip, the slip shall be added to the general list of slips available and shall be assigned on “ first come-first service” basis. Members requesting a slip are to see the Harbour Master.

VHF Monitoring

The Club monitors Channel 68 in the Communications Center or Chartroom during posted hours.

Web Site

The Club operates an Internet web site listing Club information, racing schedules, events, membership categories and rates and other items of interest to Club members.

Winter Storage

The Club offers winter storage in our fenced yard. Water is available during the haulout period and for spring cleanup prior to the launch period. Hydro is available all season. No boat should be plugged in while unattended


The Club provides the members with a workshop for use for Club members. an access code is available from the Communication Centre.