Tarshish Trophy

LOSHRS Tarshish Trophy

Awarded to the mono-hull yacht with the Best Elapsed Time in the Single Handed Fleet in the Long Distance Race.

Tarshish was a popular port of commerce in the Mediterranean from 1600 BC to 1900 BC. The fastest sailing vessels of the ancient Phoenician traders carried wines and olive oils to Tarshish, lashed down on their decks in terracotta jugs known as “Amphora”. The Tarshish trophy is a reproduction of an ancient amphora and was donated by PCYC Past Commodore Gordon K. Piller, who was instrumental in organizing this race in 1975. Since 1982, this trophy is being awarded to the winners of the Long Course.

1975 Sakkara E Siddall, PCYC
1976 Mary Poppins J Stanley, PCYC
1977 Countess K Pederson, ABYC
1978 Merlin II M Kriluck, NOLSC
1979 Merlin II M Kriluck, NOLSC
1980 Nocturne II P Paul, EP&SC
1981 Merlin II M Kriluck, NOLSC
1982 Oddsocks L Hircock, PCYC
1983 Captain Morgan Roy Campbell, PCYC
1984 Mary III A Stuart, BHYC
1985 Bandit B MacCorkindale, CBYC
1986 Ghost Sandy Douglas, OYS
1987 Wind Thief John Kolosky, OYS
1988 Farfelue Ed Burns, RYC
1989 Northern Light J Pederson, OHYC
1990 Patent Pending Dennis Moss, PCYC
1991 Patent Pending Dennis Moss, PCYC
1992 Patent Pending Dennis Moss, PCYC
1993 Gizmo D Hatfield, HCYC
1994 Farfelue E Burns, RYC
1995 Gizmo D Hatfield, HCYC
1996 Seattle Slewp Norm Street, DYC
1997 Surprize J Weibe, HCYC
1998 Jersey Girl K Schaefer, EYC
1999 Pied Piper II H Kaut, RHYC
2000 Trpxprs Jan Steyn, YYC
2001 QuickSilver George Minarek, PCYC
2002 Veloche Peter Broecker, QCYC
2003 Veloche Peter Broecker, QCYC
2004 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2005 Pelican Lee Wendy McCloy, PCYC
2006 Trpxprs Jan Steyn, YYC
2007 Trpxprs Jan Steyn, YYC
2008 Quelle Surprise Val Matison, RCYC
2009 Shock Therapy Gary Benner, RCYC
2010 Striker Jan Steyn, YYC
2011 Southern Cross Mike Newbury, RCYC