J.J. Morch Rose Bowl

First awarded in 1981, the JJ Morch Rosebowl replaced the Janet Hurley Memorial Trophy, which is missing.

Donated by the Morch family in memory of JJ Morch, First Commodore of PCYC.

The Rose Bowl was owned by Jack Morch and his family from the early 1930s.  It functioned as a rose bowl in the early 1940s when, during a re-silvering, the wire grate was lost.  Subsequently the bowl served various decorative functions in PCYC's first Commodore's household.  Re-silvered in 1980, the 50 year old bowl was presented to PCYC by Jack Morch's son, John.

The JJ Morch Rosebowl is awarded for PCYC's Susan Hood Overnight Race, to the IOR boat with the best overall results for the race.

Year Vessel Captain, Club
1981 Impetus RA Kochler, RCYC
1982 Passing Wind DM Allen, MCC
1983 Amazing Grace R Heron, PCYC
1984 Amazing Grace R Heron, PCYC
1985 Mover F. Dixon
1986 Dynamo GW Moog, RCYC
1987 Dynamo GW Moog, RCYC
1988 Impetus RA Kochler, RCYC
1989 Thunder I Coutts, NYC
1990 Freight Train G Kendrink, NOLSC
1991 Chariot John Daniells, MBSC
1992 Red Jacket Paul Phelan, RCYC
1993 Moonracker I J & D Ogden, RCYC
1994 MacIntosh D Steigenda, CBYC
1995 Step On It Dick Peterson, OYS
1996 Red Jacket Paul Phelan, RCYC
1997 Thunder Ian Coutts, NYC
1998 Chariot B. MacCorkindale
1999 Maggie Kelly Chris Steer, RCYC
2000 X-Band-It John Doucet, NOLSC
2001 Red Jacket Paul Phelan, RCYC
2002 Red Jacket Paul Phelan, RCYC
2003 Graffiti P. Williams, NYC
2004 Zoom K. Bechard, RCYC
2005 Zoom K. Bechard, RCYC
2006 Shock Therapy G. Benner, RCYC
2007 Mummy Geof Brown, NYC
2008 Plika Ian Struthers, RCYC
2009 Iika Ian Struthers, RCYC
2010 Gaucho Larry MacDonald, BCC
2011 Umi Taka Chris Rypkema, PCYC