Commodore's Ball
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Commodore's Ball

The Annual Commodore's Ball, in addition to being one of the first offical social events of the year, is also the opportunity to recognize a PCYC member for their outstanding contribution to PCYC.

Commodore’s Award for Outstanding Contribution

One of the more rewarding aspects of being a part of PCYC is the interaction with our fellow members. As we all know, there are some wonderful people in our Club who volunteer incredible amounts of their time for the benefit of us all. In some cases individual commitments are protracted over long periods and in others it involves a shorter period on a specific project. Others choose to make financial contributions in order to enhance numerous aspects of the Club. Typically these individuals do not look for recognition and, unfortunately, we do not always find the time to recognize their efforts or to simply say thank you on behalf of the entire membership.

With this in mind, our Commodore has decided that we should start a new and exciting tradition at the annual Commodore’s Ball and take that opportunity to thank and recognize the team or individual who has made an outstanding contribution and should be publicly recognized and thanked. The top candidates will be asked to attend the Ball in order to be formally recognized and the winner will be presented with an appropriate plaque and gift.

The Guidelines around this Award will be as follows:

  1. Anyone associated with the Club may submit up to 5 nominations each year.
  2. All nominations are to be received by no later than 4pm Friday, April 22, 2016.
  3. Nominations may be made by completing the form below and placing it in a sealed envelope addressed to the Commodore and dropped off at the Communication Centre. Also, we have set up a confidential email address – commodoresaward@pcyc.net for those that prefer to nominate electronically. A copy of the blank nomination form can be accessed via a link this link Commodore’s Award Nomination Form
  4. Each nomination should include a narrative of not more than 200 words on the reasons why the candidate is being nominated.
  5. The Commodore shall have absolute discretion as to the choice of the top nominees and the winner.

To see the list of Past Winners of the Commodore's Award, please click here