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Monday Night Racing

Monday Racing has something for everyone, whether you’re a cruiser or racer, the evening is intended to nurture the enjoyment of good boat handling and sail trim that develops through sailing / racing around a course. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to get your boat off the dock during the week and have some fun in one of our PCYC on water activities. 

Commencing in May all races will be sailed on Monday evenings except for Monday holidays which is part of the long weekend holiday. On this occasion only, the Monday Night Race will move to Tuesday to allow participants to enjoy the best of both worlds, enjoying the long weekend on your boat without missing a race of the Monday Night Series. All Divisions participating in the Monday Night Racing are mainsail and jib only. After each race we invite you to join us in the Club Chartroom where we reveal the race results as soon as they are tabulated and present sponsored awards to the Division winners.

We offer you the following sailing formats to choose from:

Monday Cruising Fleet

Fleet has introduced this program to encourage cruisers to try racing in a low stress helpful manner. The Cruising Division is for people that have never helmed a boat in a competitive race.  You do not need new or racing sails as most boats race with Dacron sails and furling gear and you definitely do not require a PHRF certificate (required for competitive racing on Lake Ontario).  First, we’ll walk you through the racing basics in a relaxed presentation and then through the 'Sailing Instructions' at our Information Night to be held on Wednesday April 29, 2015. The following Wednesday night, on May 6, 2015 is our Registration Night, where we'll help you with any questions you may have and assist you with completing your registrationn form.  The Cruising Division will have its own start and our Race Committee will set an extra long starting line so you don’t have to be worried about getting too close to other cruising boats starting with you. Our Race Committee will also assist with the starting process by counting down the start sequence over the VHF Radio.  Furthermore, we’ll set a special course for our Cruising Division only to help with your peace of mind as you sail your boat around a race course designed with cruising in mind. We’ll even go one step further. Upon request we’ll do our best to find you a PCYC Member who is an experienced racer to join you aboard your boat for a few races to guide you through the start sequence and around the course while showing you techniques for maximizing sail trim and boat speed.  Most importantly, Fleet wants to provide a program that encourages cruising skippers to take their boat off the dock on Monday evenings and join us on the lake. We hope our Cruising Division will encourage more families to enjoy PCYC and our on-the-water fun.

Monday Racer / Cruiser Fleet 

Racer / Cruiser Fleet provides a slightly advance level of racing where we encourage boat owners who typically race in our Wednesday Night Program to give their spouse or another member of their family or member of their crew a turn at the helm. Our Race Committee will give you a slightly longer and different course than the Cruising Division in an effort to maintain separation between each Division. This format strives to provide a safe venue for seasoned skippers to mentor their spouse and family and or a Crew Member while providing an additional opportunity to take your boat off the dock during the week and participate in another PCYC on water activity.

Women on the Helm


The PCYC First Mates Women on the Helm (WOTH) racing series for 2015 is held as a ‘race within a race’ as part of the Monday night ‘B’ series.  The WOTH series is arranged so that couples who plan to share the helm can alternate races between the ‘A’ and ‘B’ series.  Katie Nicoll-Coleman will be available after most races to answer questions about rules, etc.   Prizes will be awarded at the annual Awards banquet.


The PCYC First Mates Women on the Helm Monday Night Race is open to all boats registered for the PCYC Monday night racing series.  The rules and regulations for the Monday night race series will apply to WOTH with the following exception: A woman is required on the helm at the start and finish of the race and around all marks.  The woman does not have to be the female skipper of record.  Crew can be mixed. 

Women planning to race in WOTH races should:

Complete the registration form (on PCYC website) indicating the name of the female skipper of record.

Confirm registration by contacting John Crawley by email at with the name of the boat and the female skipper name.

Inform John Crawley by email if, for any one evening, they are unable to participate in WOTH but still wish to be scored for the B series,


The WOTH series will officially commence on Monday June 1st and then alternate weeks through to September the 7th along with the Monday night ‘B’ series.  Any date changes to the ‘B’ series will apply to the WOTH races.  Registering late is fine.

Boats racing with women on the helm as part of the WOTH series will be scored twice:  

Once with their regular B fleet groups and a second time as part of the two chances to win during one race!


To confirm registration or to withdraw for any one evening, contact John Crawley by email at

For general information, contact Pat Everitt at or 905-271-9300 or Anne De Groot at