Launch & Haulout

~~ LAUNCH ~~



Our Harbourmaster has started to fill in the launch schedule. Once you have installed Google calendar, search for the name of your boat to view your scheduled launch date and time.  If you do not see your boat on the schedule by April 15, 2021, contact the Harbourmaster by email to arrange a time. If your boat is un-named, your surname may have been used (UN-surname).                     

Mast times are scheduled in the same way. If you need to change your mast stepping time, please contact  Members whose masts are being stepped the same day will need to mark their mast before launch day to ensure it is out the morning of launch.  

The schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE and shown for your information and is accurate only at time of publication.  

All Launch/Haulout dates and times are subject to weather conditions, water levels, COVID-19 restrictions and accessibility of your boat in the yard. Your scheduled launch may not take place unless it is safe to do so, as determined by the Harbourmaster.


1. Make sure your insurance is up to date and on file with us. Without insurance you will not be launched. If you do not have a current certificate of insurance on file with the Club, email or fax it to Dave Sutman,  FAX No. (905) 278-2519

2. Ensure your account is current, including payment of your summer mooring fee. You will not be launched if your account is not paid in full at the time of your scheduled launch.

3. If you are stepping your mast, please get a ribbon from the Dock Office and place it at one end of your mast (with boat name written on the ribbon).

4. Is your boat ready to go? Battery charged? If not, please charge your battery in the yard.

5. On your launch day, we recommended that you be on site at least 1 hour before your scheduled time. When you arrive, please sign in at the Dock Office (clipboard outside of the Dock Office door) so we know that you are here. This is also required for COVID-19 contact tracing. You or your designate must attend or you will not be launched. During launch periods, as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act, children are not allowed in the boat yard and launch area.

After your boat is launched, please disassemble your cradle for storage, remove your pads and take your pads and or stands home for safe keeping.  The Club is not responsible for pads left on the grounds. Members not folding their cradles within 4 hours of their launch will be charged $105.00.                                                 

A Member's failure to attend their scheduled launch, resulting in the movement of their boat to honour another member's launch time, will be charged $160.00 + any additional yard fees incurred. 

PCYC will be launching over 400 boats within the launch period so please help us to make it go as smoothly as possible for everyone.