Labatt Low Point Single Handed Trophy

LOSHRS Labatt Low Point Trophy

Was orignally called the Labatt Low Point Trophy.  Awarded to the mono-hull yacht with the Best Low Point Total for the Overall Series in the Single-Handed Fleet. In order to qualify for this trophy, a yacht must finish the Long Distance Race and a minimum of three other races.

It was donated by Labatt Ontario Breweries to encourage and promote responsible competition in single-handed racing.

This is determined by comparing the lowest low point total in each fleet within a division. The fleets are retained. Note that ties between fleets are broken using RRS. This keeps boats competing within smaller rating spreads.

1991 Grayline I Thompson, BS&BC
1992 Patent Pending Dennis Moss, PCYC
1993 Seattle Slewp N. Street, OYC
1994 Jenny Lou George Minarek, PCYC
1995 Grayline I Thompson, BS&BC
1996 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
1997 Jenny Lou George Minarek, PCYC
Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
1998 Demons J. Gayford, BHYC
1999 Pied Piper II H. Kaut, RHYC
2000 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
2001 Quicksilver George Minarek, PCYC
Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
2002 Epiphany Ron Smallbone, PCYC
2003 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2004 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2005 Pelican Lee Wendy McCloy, PCYC
2006 Trpxprs Jan Steyn, YYC
2007 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2008 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2009 Different Drummer Brian Mitchell, BPYC
2010 Mythos Ted Spanos, PCYC
2011 Mythos Ted Spanos, PCYC