LOSHRS Trophies and Awards

LOSHRS GS Parke Memorial Trophy

Click on the Trophy Name below to see the award winners for both the single handed and double handed fleet.

Single Handed Double Handed
Berolina Trophy Scotia Bank Trophy
Captain's Cup Trophy Ian McAllister Trophy
Endeavour Trophy Jim Schoenhardt Trophy
G.S. Parke Memorial Labatt Low Point
Guenevere Chalice Leonard Alksnis Memorial
Jack Pitt Trophy Martini Shaker Trophy
Labatt Low Point Roger Shaw Memorial
Palmer Trophy Water Colours I Trophy
Perservence Cup Distant Horizon CAN/AM
Seagull Trophy Herman Schneider Trophy
Shellback Cup Trophy Memorial Cup
Sportech Plaque
Sportech Trophy
Tarshish Trophy
Walter Penz Memorial
Youngstown Trophy