2017 Haulout Schedule and Reciprocal Storage Form

  1. Procedure to arrange Haulout and Launch.  The Haulout Schedule is posted online at www.pcyc.net/harbour-grounds/haulout schedule.  Check the date and time you would like to be hauled out on or before October 20th for availability.  Note:  Some dates have been designated as Power Boats only and some as Sailboats only.  Bring the completed form (link below) to the Communications Centre at the Club with full payment by cheque or debit.   Only completed forms with payment will be processed.  Sailboats will be un-stepped at the same time if mast un-stepping has been requested.
  2. Applications must be received before September 10, 2017
  3. The Winter Storage Fee covers haulout, storage, a bottom spray and launch (and mast up-stepping and stepping if applicable) during the times specified by the club.  Any relocation of your boat, other than to its assigned location during haulout or launch, will incur additional charges as deemed appropriate by the club, and the applicant hereby agrees to pay such charges.  You or your designate must be present for haulout and launch.
  4. The summer mooring dimensions will be used to calculate winter storage rates unless noted at time of haulout.
  5. The mast may be left stepped, at the owner's own risk, the cradle must be of a proper design to leave the mast stepped.  Un-stepped masts must be stored in the Mast Racks.
  6. The Dinghy and Drysail Winter Storage Period is from November 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.  Boats, trailers or other items remaining on the property after November 1st will be presumed to have applied for Winter Storage and will be billed accordingly.
  7.  No vehicles, boats or trailers stored on land, on Club property may be used to provide living accommodations.
  8. All vehicles, trailers, vans, cube trailers, runabouts and Tender Dinghy's to be stored, must have the Harbourmaster's prior approval for storage and location.  Seasonal storage rates will apply. 
  9. 110 -Volt electrical services will be available to boats stored on Club property only between 0800 and 1600hrs and only while the owner or the owner's representative is in attendance. Cords found plugged in when the owner / representative is not present will be disconnected. Cords or hoses left on the ground will be removed.
  10. Boat owners are responsible for the safety and security of their vessel at all times, especially in the event of severe weather conditions.  Ladders and other means of access to the vessel must be put away and secured to prevent unauthorized access to the owner's boat and others.  Portable Fuel and propane tanks must be removed.  Any re-fuelling of vessels on Club property is strictly prohibited.  It is forbidden to attach to, move or adjust anyone else's property without their permission.
  11. Boats and contents, trailers, equipment and any other item stored, are stored at the owner's risk.
  12. Boat owners should also remind their Contractors they must sign in at the Communication Centre each ime they enter the premises, and have proof of Insurance on file with the Club. (see contractor policy).
  13. CRADLES / STANDS: The Club requires that each boat stored have its own cradle or set of stands.  The cradle must fold and have feet to meet Club and Conservation Authority requirements.  Cradles or stands must be clearly and permanently marked with the name of the boat, the bow and stern designated, and be in the Club yard at least one week prior to the date of Haulout.  You must assemble your cradle prior to your scheduled haulout time.   If you have any questions regarding cradle requirements, contact Harbourmaster Mike Simec at 905 278-7911 Ext. 245. NO WOOD CRADLES ALLOWED. CRADLES TO ADHERE TO CLUB STANDARDS.  NOTE: Any delay caused by a missing, ill-prepared or inadequate cradle (or stands) will result in extra costs being charged directly to the owner.
  14. LADDERS: After haulout, ladders may be chained and locked to the cradle when not in use, clearly identified with the boat's name and owner's name. Stern ladders will be secured in the up position or removed.
  15. INSURANCE: No insurance is carried by PCYC on Members' or Customers' boats or property. Storage thereof is accepted at the sole risk of the owner and the owner hereby releases and holds harmless PCYC, its agents and employees, from all claims for loss or theft or damage, whether due to the negligence of PCYC, its agents or employees, or to any other cause.  All owners are required to carry insurance on their boats and equipment, and a minimum of $2,000,000 Third Party Liability, proof of which must accompany this application before it can be accepted.  This Winter Storage Agreement contains a Hold Harmless Agreement and your Insurance Policy must contain the following clause: Permission is granted for the Assured to sign "hold harmless" agreements with Yacht Clubs, Marinas and other authorities where such agreements are necessary and customary.
  16. PCYC equipment is to be used at the sole risk of the owner.  PCYC shall not be liable for the care or protection of the boat (including her gear or equipment and contents), her passenger, crew or guest, whether due to negligence of PCYC, its agents or employees, or to any other cause.  The owner agrees to indemnify and hold PCYC harmless against any loss, cost , suit or claim arising out of the use of the above mentioned space, services or PCYC equipment or any handling of the boat in connection therewith, whether or not such loss, cost, suit  or claim is based upon the negligence of  PCYC, its agents or employees, or to any other cause.

Please Click Here for Reciprocal Haulout and Storage Form