Steerer's Trophy
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Steerer's Trophy

In the late ’50′s there were no Zone, Provincial, or Canadian Youth Championships, so juniors in the Toronto Area quite often raced against adults in open dinghy events. In 1959 the junior instructors at Port Credit Yacht Club, under the direction of Fleet Captain Ron Searle, invited a few of the junior programs from neighbouring clubs to come to the mouth of the Credit River for a regatta. The event was such a success that it has been held every year since.

In 1968 a trophy was created from a wooden Nutshell rudder, hence the name Steerers’, and presented to the best Junior Club in the regatta. The Trophy is awarded using a formula which takes into consideration not only the winners but also the participation in all classes.

1968 PCYC
1969 BHYC
1970 OYS
1971 BC
1972 KYC
1973 TS&CC
1974 TS&CC
1975 RCYC
1976 IYC
1977 RYC
1978 RYC
1979 BHYC
1980 RYC
1981 SLSC
1982 TS&CC
1983 KYC
1984 RCYC
1985 RCYC
1986 PCYC
1987-1990 No Record
1991 RHYC
1992-2000 Missing
2001 RCYC
2002 PCYC
2003 RCYC
2004 PCYC
2005 RCYC
2006 RCYC
2007 RCYC
2008 RCYC
2009 RCYC
2010 PCYC