Walter Penz Memorial Trophy

LOSHRS Walter Penz Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the mono-hull yacht with the Best Corrected Time in the Single-Handed While Sail Divisions in the Long Distance Race.

This trophy was provided in honour of Walter Penz from the Genesee Yacht Club, New York, who is fondly remembered as one of New York’s avid single-handed sailors with his yacht “Puppy Love”. Donated by the Lake Ontario Single-Handed Committee.

1988 Northern Light J Pedersen, OHYC
1989 Windscot J Oates, OHYC
1990 Marama III P Peterson, MCC
1991 April D Dolson, THSC
1992 Whitehawk H Schneider, PCYC
1993 Anik II Bill France, PCYC
1994 Jennu Lou George Minarek, PCYC
1995 Grayling I Thompson, BS&BC
1996 Epiphany Ron Smallbone, PCYC
1997 Jenny Lou George Minarek, PCYC
1998 Anik II Bill France, PCYC
1999 Kerry II Ken Murdoch, PCYC
2000 Kerry II Ken Murdoch, PCYC
2001 Veloce Peter Broeker, QCYC
2002 Veloce Peter Broeker, QCYC
2003 Parsifal Richard Schneider, PCYC
2004 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2005 Pelican Lee Wendy McCloy, PCYC
2006 Gannet Cay Mark Gifford, PCYC
2007 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2008 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2009 Mythos Ted Spanos, PCYC
2010 Mythos Ted Spanos, PCYC
2011 Southern Cross Mike Newbury, RCYC