Shellback Club Trophy

LOSHRS ShellBack Club

Awarded for the first time in 1994 to Herman Schneider, by his fellow sailors, for his many years of meritorious involvement in the Lake Ontario Single-Handed Series. Awarded to participants with at least 10 Years of Meritorious Involvement in the Lake Ontario Short-Handed Racing Series, this beautiful trophy was donated by Ed Burns of the Rochester Yacht Club.

1994 Herman Schneider, PCYC
1995 Ed Burns, RYC
1996 Jack Pitt, OHYC
Bill France, PCYC
1997 Herman Kout
1998 Dennis Moss, PCYC
1999 George Minarek, PCYC
2000 Not Awarded
2001 Peter Ashby, QCYC
2002 Not Awarded
2003 Ron Smallbone, PCYC
2004 Not Awarded
2005 Mark Searle, PCYC
2006 Jan Steyn, YYC
2007 John Ball, QCYC
2008 Not Awarded
2009 Jim French, PCYC
2010 Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2011 Gene Joelson, PCYC