G.S. Parke Memorial Trophy


Awarded to the mono-hull yacht with the Best Low Point Total for the Overall Series in the Single Handed Spinnaker Divisions.

Frances and Robert Parke donated this trophy; Bob was active in racing and was Chairman of the Race Committee at PCYC for many years.  In order to qualify for the trophy, a yacht must finish the Long Distance Race and a minimum of three other races.

Originally, it was awarded to the winner of the overall series fastest boat with the best reulst on a total elapsed corrected time in the No Flying Sails division in the Two Day Race.

1987 White Hawk Harvard Kolm, YYC
1988 Farfelue Ed Burns, RYC
1989 Patent Pending Dennis Moss, PCYC
1990 Farfelue Ed Burns, RYC
1991 Grayling I. Thompson, BS&BC
1992 Patent Pending Dennis Moss, PCYC
1992 Saga F. Rosenbaum, BYC
1993 Seattle Slewp N. Street, OYS
1994 Farfelue Ed Burns, RYC
1995 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
1996 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
1997 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
1998 Deamons J. Gaylord, BHYC
1999 Pied Piper II H. Kaut, RHYC
2000 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
2001 Quicksilver George Minarek, PCYC
2001 Kick a Little Mark Searle, PCYC
2002 Blade Runner Peter Rowe, PCYC
2003 The Wind Steven Hills, QCYC
2004 Sadie Mike Robbins, APSC
2005 Epiphany Ron Smallbone, PCYC
2006 Trpxprs Jan Steyn, YYC
2007 Entre Amis George Minarek, PCYC
2008 That Damn Thing Diane Reid, ABYC
2009 Les Jahn Hagen, EYC
2010 Pearl Brent Hughes, FBYC
2011 Wave Walker Martin McKenzie, EYC