George McCloy Trophy

This trophy was originally presented for a navigational competition.  Each year a predicted log competition for teams of Sail and Power Boats was prepared to foster co-operation and team spirit between the two boating fraternities.  The skipper of the power boat would act as navigator for the sail boat's part of the competition and the sail boat skipper would do the same on the power boat.  The combined scores would determine the winners.

Since 2000 the George McCloy Trophy has been awarded for the Susan Hood Trophy Race.

Made and donated by George McCloy.  First awarded in 1966.

1966 Mistral III John Mitchelle
Flip Floyd Leitch
1968 Hi-Ho Oscar Ally
Talakadi Vic Crompton
1969 Effie May Ken Jenkins
Red Lion Dave Beattie

Closed Regatta Lasers

1976 Laser J McKinnel
1977 Laser JP Hooker

Power Boater of the Year

1978 Veleric E Kofoed
1979 Moby Dick P Foster
1980 Veleric E Kofoed
1982 Bjarni Fjorir A Bjarnason
1983 Thisbe D Mitchele, G Wood
1985 Thisbe D Mitchele, G Wood
1986 Thisbe D Mitchele, G Wood

Re-Deeded in 2000 to the Susan Hood Trophy Race for 1st Overall in White Sail

2000 Quicksilver G Minarek, G Reamy, PCYC
2001 Main Course Don Hrehorsky, PCYC
2002 Soca Bill Stewart, PCYC
2003 Freestyle James Oldershaw, PCYC
2004 Freestyle James Oldershaw, PCYC
2005 Freestyle James Oldershaw, PCYC
2006 Quelle Surprise V. Matison, RCYC
2008 Mary Ellen Carter D. Van Every, MCC
2009 Mary Ellen Carter D. Van Every, MCC
2010 Keego II Peter Chalkley, FBYC
2011 Keego II Peter Chalkley, FBYC
2011 Ilene Milutin Ajsacic, HYC