Dave Heron Cup

Donated by the crew of the C & C 30 "Windburn" in honour of "Windburn's" skipper and owner, Dave Heron.

First awarded in 1986, the Dave Heron Cup was originally awarded to the C & C 30 with the best race results in the Susan Hood overnight race.  Since 1999 the Dave Heron Cup has been awarded to PHRF 3.

Year Vessel Captain, Club
1986 Bjani Fimm A C Bjarnason, EYC
1987 Bjani Fimm A C Bjarnason, EYC
1988 Bjani Fimm A C Bjarnason, EYC
1989 Bjani Fimm A C Bjarnason, EYC
1990 Kindred Spirit D Black, EYC
1993 Artful Dodger A Gruner, PCYC
1994 Rodecrew R Baker, ABYC
1995 Trimpus Len Alksnis, ABYC
1996 Trimpus Len Alksnis, ABYC

Sail La Vie

Peter Miller, ABYC
1998 Cricket D&A Workman, NYC
1999 Cricket D&A Workman, NYC

Used after 1999 for PHRF III

Year Vessel Captain, Club
2000 Defiant II Robert Bugbee, PCYC
2001 Windriven Jonathon Vinden, PCYC
2002 Petty Cash Brian Clayton, EYC
2003 Aftermir Ivan Slezic, PCYC
2004 Inherent Larry Harrison, ABYC
2005 Folichon Ian McAllister, PCYC
2006 Xtra Xtra R Barr, BS&BS
2007 Candileias Carl MacTaggart, BPYC
2008 Folichon Ian McAllister, PCYC
2009 Harrier Chris Chapman
2010 Harrier Chris Chapman
2011 Demon's Dance Ric Doedens