Commonwealth Trophy

Donated by Loran and Bill Gowe and named for their company, Commonwealth Advertising.

First Awarded in 1950 - PCYC Susan Hood Overnigt Race - for PHRF I boat with best race results.

Year Vessel Captain, Club
1956 Pikant Jack Collett & Jack Beatson
1957 Trille Bill & Loran Gowe
1960 Tyche Norm Archbold
1961 Aida DW Carter, PCYC
1962 Jessie IV Bruce Henderson, QCYC
1963 Tyche Harry Schoenbeck, PCYC
1964 Aida DW Carter, PCYC
1966 Mistral III R Mitchele, YCPC
1967 Mistral III R Mitchele, PCYC
1968 Kahlua Penn McLeod, RCYC
1969 White Hawk H Schoenbeck, PCYC
1970 White Hawk H Schoenbeck, PCYC
1971 Piece of Eight J & D Bott, ABYC
1972 Nayada N Reimann, NYC
1973 Nayada ING Reimann, NYC
1974 Piece of Eight J & D Bott, ABYC
1975 Venture II E Cathcart, PCYC
1976 Genevieve K Burley, RHYC
1977 Dushka V K Hansen, ABYC
1978 Sunburn D Heron, PCYC
1980 Southern Cross BL Hitchins, QCYC
1981 Whippet P Festing-Smith, OYS
1982 Innovator P Powles, RHYC
1983 Survival B Roscoe, BC
1984 Sonic Boom L Loopstra, RHYC
1985 Sonic Boom L Loopstra, RHYC
1986 Chameleon C & F Jamieson, RCYC
1987 Chameleon C & F Jamieson, RCYC
1988 Bravada S Petersen, ABYC
1995 Marauder Colin Baxter, NYC
1996 Marauder Colin Baxter, NYC
1997 Marauder Colin Baxter, NYC
1998 MacIntosh Dick Steigenda, CBYC
1999 Shock Therapy Gary Benner, CBYC
2000 Soca William Stuart, PCYC
2001 MacIntosh Dick Steigenda, CBYC
2002 MacIntosh Dick Steigenda, CBYC
2003 Radience Colin Dykstra, NYC
2004 Raison d'Etre Geoff Brown, NYC
2005 Radience Colin Dykstra, NYC
2006 Shock Therapy Gary Benner, RCYC
2007 The Usual Suspects Suspects Syndicate, RCYC
2008 Macintosh Dick Steigenda, CBYC
2009 Usual Suspects Bryan Sims, BHYC
2010 Macintosh Dick Steigenda, CBYC
2011 Air Force John Ferreira